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By the Numbers
January 2012
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Cool Tools for Paper Crafters
January 2012
Bloomin' Friend Card w/ step outs, pg. 60
Simply Adorable Card, pg. 91
Pleasing Love Card, pg. 128

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Stamp It 3 Ways
January 2012
Wonderful Day Card, pg. 28
Christmas card featured on

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March 2012 - Glitter
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Holiday Cards & More 2011
Merry Mushroom Card, pg. 20

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Happy I Do Day Card - Page 17

Friend 4-Ever Card - Page 41
Superstar Card - Page 55
Thanks a Million Card - Page 93
Stamp  It Cards vol. 8 - Paper Crafts - SIP
Phone Book Hi Card - Page 8

Reach for the Stars Card - Page 64
Potential Card - Page 65
Always on My Mind Card - Page 106
Thinking of You Card - Page 149

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January/February 2011
TVintage You, You, You  Card - Page 42

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Absolutely Fabulous Card - Page 49

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June 2011
Sailboat Card - Page 35

Just Because Card - Page 46
Thank U Card - Page 139

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Cards June 2010A Friend Card - Page 117

THX Card - Page 52

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August 2011
Tickled Pink Card - Page 61
August 2011
Time Flies Card - page 143
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October 12, 2010
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Ellie & Awesome 2-page layout
Fair Food 2-page layout 

January/February 2011
You, You, You card 

December 2010
Friend Card 

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Garland Tree Card

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Vintage Card

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12 x 12 layout

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God Understands Card
Butterfly Card
So Nice Card

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Thanks Card
Friend Card

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Birthday Card
Seasons Greetings Card - Cover Project
Valentine's Card

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Double Layout #1
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July, 26 2010
Mats, brads and chipboard

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July 21, 2010
Friends Card by Scrappy A (Alicia)

Moxie Fab Alert: I love Alicia's soft approach to this card, and the subtle way she's incorporated the circle, the horizontal line, and the colors. You can tell she's been inspired by the layout, but she's not hitting you over the head with it, and that's really nice.
Paper Crafts Blog Mention

Top 20 finalist Alicia Thelin made her ribbon soar in her Ribbon Butterflies Card (p. 71).
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Go-to Sketch Challenge #3 Winner 
June 7, 2010
Card Creations, Volume 8!
May 24, 2010
Card Creations 8
Birthday Card
Seasons Greetings Card - Cover Project
Valentine's Card
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May 2010
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About Face/Your Face
4 pages
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Tuesday Trigger
May 11, 2010

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Sketch #2 Winner
May 10, 2010

Winner #3 – Alicia Thelin:
Alicia made this Thankful Pear Card from Betsy Veldman's sketch, p. 116.
Top three at the Hemidemisemiquaverdesign Blog Challenge
April 2010

Alicia- Alicia stole my heart and soul with this one. I don’t know, everything about it is lovely, lovely, lovely.  I really love teh button in the middle of the “O” as well.  Mmmm…yummy.
PaperCrafts SIP:
Go-to Sketches
April 2010
You Can Do I Card, pg. 60
Butterfly Wish Card, pg. 65

 Moxie Fab Blog Mention

Butterfly Wish Card by Alicia Thelin

Moxie Fab Alert: What have we been saying about butterflies? They've been trendy for a really long time now, but Alicia has upped the ante by creating hers out of some Taintor-tude patterned paper and by placing it on that white-on-white texture I've been seeing so much of lately. And the addition of the kraft elements? Now that's what I'm talkin' about!

Moxie Fab World Blog Mention

You Can Do It Card by Alicia Thelin, p. 60

Moxie Fab Alert: Here, Alicia has applied a clean and graphic style that would be suitable to a teen-aged boy. She could swap out the colors and add some frill and prest-o change-o! A card for a teen-aged girl that might be a little on the fun and cute side or even shabby chic!

Tuesday Trigger: Hippity Hoppity Easter's On Its Way

Just in time for Easter, more inspiration from Alicia Thelin:
Glazed Ceramic Eggs via Hostess with the Mostess

Alicia says: I ran across this photo and was "wowed" by the colors of the Easter Eggs. I don't usually go for pastels and traditional Easter cards are kind of a stretch for me. This is what I think Easter colors are! They reflect the bright flowers that are popping up all around. Yum.

Alicia's card:

Moxie Fab Alert: I love the way Alicia has captured the bright folk treatment of the eggs in the trigger. Moxie trendifab!

Tuesday Trigger: Lovely on the Green

Of course I was looking for something green for this week's Trigger, friends. With St. Patty's Day just around the corner, I thought you'd have some moxie fab fun with this gorgeous image from Alicia Thelin:

Image from Victoria's Magazine

Alicia says: These green toile chairs spoke to me, saying, "Come and have a seat, relax, you don't have to clean up after anyone here". :) So I thought it would make a perfect inspiration piece for a card for my mom. My favorite color is green, as is hers, so it was a perfect match.

Cath says: Lovely, no? I hope you have some festive fun with this one for sure, friends!

Tuesday Trigger: Patchwork Hearts for Your Sweetie

It's February, friends, and with Valentine's Day just around the corner, I thought this trigger from Alicia Thelin would be just perfect!

Alicia says:

I ran across this little beauty today, and BAM! Easy card done. Of course these adorable framed lovelies struck me as perfect gifts for Valentines Day, but holy heck, what a great concept for decor for all seasons! I have some old books that I will scan and use to make some unique pieces and suit them to the recipient. LOVE IT.

Here is the card she created from her inspiration:
You Rock Heart Card

More from Alicia:

The card is made with an 8" x 8" patterned paper from Fancy Pants, The Daily Grind. This made it super easy to create six hearts in coordinating patterned papers on my Cricut. There is one sheet that has 12 different "tags" that are all different patterns, I cut a 1" heart from each pattern of my choice. This is totally going to be my husband's V-Day card.

Nice job, Alicia! I can't wait to see what kinds of fun creations and original approaches all y'all come up with on this one!
PaperCrafts: Card Creations Start to Finish
January 2010

Butterfly Mother's Day Card, pg. 102
PaperCrafts: A Card a Day

Kiss Anytime Card, pg. 16
Thanks a Million Card, pg. 60
Almost Human Card, pg. 97
Reasons to Smile Card, pg 113
PaperCrafts: Holiday Cards and More vol. 4

Tiny Hanukkah Gift Box, pg. 107
Peaceful Tag Book/Pen, pg. 1151
Holiday Happiness Card & Box, pg. 122
Holiday Card Keeper, pg. 148
Monogram Photo Holder, pg. 149
PaperCraft: Card Creations vol. 7
June 2009

Sweet Card, pg. 20
May/June 2009

If at First Card, pg. 65
September 2007

So Kind Card, pg. 124
PaperCrafts: 225 Cards & Gifts
June 2009

Heart Dish/Notecard on cover, pg. 3 & 76
Inspire Frame and Card, pg 70
April/May 2008

Mr. & Mrs. Card on Cover & pg. 64
M is for Mother Card, pg. 21
Toe Shoes Card, pg. 28, & online
March 2008

Everything to Me Card, pg. 51
Freak Out Card, pg. 59
Paper Crafts
June/July 2008

Bravo Graduate Card, pg. 81
Rubber Stamp Madness
September/October 2007
Halloween Treat Holder, pg. 73
August 2007

ABC Card on Cover & pg. 4
Star Card on Cover & pg. 4
February 2008

Precious Little One Card, pg. 129
October 2007

Happy {Birthday} card, pg. 145
Paper Trends
October/November 2007

Happy Birthday Card, pgs. 100 & 101
You Made My Day Card, pg. 116
Thank You Card, pg. 119
Happy Holidays Card, pg. 130
Scrapbook & Cards Today
Winter 2008 issue 12

Live Every Moment Layout, pg. 56
Scrapbook & Cards Today
Winter 07 issue 08

Be Happy Card, pg. 57

CardMaker's SketchBook
Birthday Celebration

Happy Birthday Friend Card, pg. 15
A Little Birdie Told Me Envelope Card, pg. 17
Happy Birthday XOXO Card, pg. 40